Final preparations for Kickstarter launch!

It’s been an intense few weeks of development in addition to production and distribution agreements, but finally we can make the announcement: in the next few days the MeteoTracker campaign will begin on Kickstarter!
The crowdfunding campaign will allow us to raise funds for the production of MeteoTracker and to deliver it to those who have placed an order once the funding goal has been reached.

Your support is vital!
Thanks to Kickstarter you can purchase MeteoTracker at a special price: early bird backers will be rewarded with a bigger discount so it’s really important to pledge early!

Why Kickstarter?
It’s one of the leading platforms worldwide, the perfect space to showcase our offer to all climate and technology enthusiasts!

What can you do for now?

►       If you haven’t signed up to Kickstarter yet, you can create an account for free at this link.
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Soon you’ll get a sneak peek at our project page and you can support us by subscribing to it.

Whether you pledge or spread the word, your help is essential!