Live Sharing, the new, powerful and community-oriented feature of the MeteoTracker app!

MeteoTracker Live Sharing App is now available! After several weeks of testing, we have just released the Live Sharing release, which adds a powerful, community-oriented feature to the MeteoTracker ecosystem: when a session is shared it can be viewed and analyzed on the MeteoTracker app as if you were performing it, substantially enhancing the user […]

MeteoTracker features

Weather conditions and orography photo documentation associated with accurate and high-resolution weather data. The MeteoPhoto feature on the MeteoTracker App.

It is of special interest, in this respect, the session carried out in the Genoa hinterland within I-CHANGE, an European project aimed at promoting the environmental monitoring at different levels (institutions and citizens), where data collection at a micro-meteorological scale is one of the main goals. The I-CHANGE project, led by CIMA Foundation, involves 9 […]

Mobile Measurements

Predicted vs. actual value in weather model development scaled down to meters-level resolution with MeteoTracker

Comparing predicted data vs. measured data is a fundamental process in weather forecast model development and optimization. Unlike the static observations performed with fixed weather stations (which suffers from spatial under sampling), with MeteoTracker it is possible to scale the model output verification (and data assimilation) down to meters-level resolution, as shown in the image […]

Mobile Measurements

Mobile weather measurements. Quick measurement and high spatial resolution are the key requirements.

Rapidità di misura ed elevata risoluzione spaziale del campionamento. Sono due dei requisiti fondamentali che una stazione meteo deve possedere per poter esser utilizzata in mobilità, senza i quali non è possibile rilevare correttamente le rapide variazioni termiche che si incontrano in mobilità. Lo illustra molto bene una sessione effettuata il 19 ottobre scorso, dove […]

Mobile Measurements

“Instant” and accurate measurements even under the sun for valid mobile acquisitions. The MeteoTracker solution

Sensor fully exposed to air flow to have a fast measurement response but well shielded to get accurate measurements even under sun exposure. But, if the sensor is appropriately shielded, the air flow, and thus the measurement response speed, drops consistently, compromising the ability of the system to catch the sharp temperature variations met in mobility. On the contrary, if the sensor is […]