Live Sharing, the new, powerful and community-oriented feature of the MeteoTracker app!

MeteoTracker Live Sharing App is now available! After several weeks of testing, we have just released the Live Sharing release, which adds a powerful, community-oriented feature to the MeteoTracker ecosystem: when a session is shared it can be viewed and analyzed on the MeteoTracker app as if you were performing it, substantially enhancing the user […]

MeteoTracker features

Weather conditions and orography photo documentation associated with accurate and high-resolution weather data. The MeteoPhoto feature on the MeteoTracker App.

It is of special interest, in this respect, the session carried out in the Genoa hinterland within I-CHANGE, an European project aimed at promoting the environmental monitoring at different levels (institutions and citizens), where data collection at a micro-meteorological scale is one of the main goals. The I-CHANGE project, led by CIMA Foundation, involves 9 […]