1. What will I receive with my purchase?

By purchasing the MeteoTracker multi-sensor you can use the app for free, plus a premium account that provides access to your personal data archive, and the global database with public data collected by other members of the community. Visualisation on interrelated maps and graphical representations provides an in-depth analysis of the data collected.

2. What type of data does it collect?

You can find the complete list of collected data and the information regarding its accuracy on the “MeteoTracker System” page.

3. What data do I have access to online?

You have access to all data collected by your MeteoTracker multi-sensor and by the members of the community.

4. Under the sun, my car thermometer often provides temperature readings that are much higher than the actual temperature. Does MeteoTracker also have this problem?

No, MeteoTracker does not have this problem. Our multi-sensor implements a (patented) system that is able to correct the error caused by solar radiation. In fact, it is equipped with two temperature sensors that, by means of a differential approach, are able to remove that part of the reading that is caused by the heating of the product through sun exposure, the so-called “solar radiation error”.

5. My car already has an external thermometer. What is so different about MeteoTracker?

Car thermometers are imprecise and “slow” (they are not able to measure the sharp variations in temperature that are typically encountered while we travel). They are also limited to displaying temperatures without attributing any spatial and temporal references to the measured data. MeteoTracker does much more. Its measurements are much more accurate, and it is able to capture even the sharpest variations in temperature encountered while travelling. It attributes geographical coordinates to every single data item acquired. Data can be visualised in real-time on your smartphone and is sent directly to the cloud. The data is then available, in a data archive equipped with advanced visualisation and analysis tools, on maps and with graphical representations. In this way, MeteoTracker creates an innovative database of weather data at a high level of spatial resolution.

There are many websites on the internet that provide temperature readings of areas that I’m interested in. What is so different about MeteoTracker?

The temperature data available on the internet refers to readings at a specific fixed point (where the fixed weather station is installed). Yet, in reality temperature is a parameter that can vary greatly even at a distance of several dozen metres. This occurs, for example, during clear nights with no wind to speak of, situations in which the MeteoTracker can accurately detect the temperature trend of a given geographical area, even when the temperature variation is more than 10°C across just a few hundred metres.

7. How do I install the MeteoTracker multi-sensor?

Simply position the MeteoTracker on the rooftop of your car. Its three powerful magnets will keep it securely attached to the body of your car even when travelling at the maximum permissible speed.