The new frontier in weather observations.

The first weather station designed and patented for measurements taken on the move. Very easy to use, quick to install with an accuracy comparable to that of a professional weather station. To transform every vehicle into a travelling weather station and each trip you take into a journey of discovery into the world of meteorology.

What is


MeteoTracker is a mini weather station specifically designed and patented for measurements taken on the move.

Its compact design (75 mm x 75 mm x 35 mm) and its magnetic base mean it can be installed in seconds, and the patented Radiation Error Correction System (RECS → find out more) makes it possible to meet key requirements for weather measurements on the move:
✔ accuracy even under strong solar exposure at very low speed
✔ high measurement speed (essential for detecting the very sharp thermo-hygro variations of measurements taken on the move)
✔ full portability.


Moreover, MeteoTracker offers:

✔ a mobile APP (Android and iOS) for geo-tagging data, real-time visualization and upload to the cloud;
✔ a web platform (dashboard) for data visualization (real-time and archive) and a detailed analysis of sessions performed using advanced tools (on a map, graphs and numerical format);
✔ data can be exported in CSV format and an API service is available for integrating MeteoTracker data on third-party platforms.


MeteoTracker is also available in a “business/standalone” version

in which data collection is completely automated, aimed at fleet and service vehicle installation (smartphone functionalities are moved to a cellular/GNSS module).

Data from all over the world at high spatial resolution
A weather point is a set of data comprising temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude and other derived parameters (vertical thermal gradient, etc.) which is geo-tagged and sent to the server in real-time.
Exploring the weather with each session.
A MeteoTracker session is a path along which weather data is collected and geo-tagged.
The MeteoTracker Community knows no boundaries.
The mobile MeteoTracker network is present on every continent and allows sharing in real-time of measurements taken on the move.

MeteoTracker Smartphone

✔ MeteoTracker weather station
✔ Android and iOS Mobile App
✔ Web platform (dashboard with a map, graphs and statistical data)
✔ Data export in CSV format
✔ API for data integration on third-party platforms (optional)

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MeteoTracker Standalone

✔ MeteoTracker weather station
✔ Cellular/GNSS module (or integration on pre-existing tracking systems) for the complete automation of data collection
✔ Web platform (dashboard with a map, graphs and statistical data)
✔ API for data integration on third-party platforms (optional)

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For Enthusiasts

You will be able to measure fascinating weather phenomena including:

✔ extreme thermal inversions
✔ the impact of the sea on the weather in coastal areas
✔ incredible temperature and humidity variations between opposite mountainsides
✔ urban heat island
✔ surprisingly cold or warm areas close to your home

When? While travelling, storm chasing, cycling, paragliding, boating and during other outdoor activities.

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Many sectors may benefit strategically from hyperlocal weather data collection:

Road Weather Information Systems
Urban Planning
Data Assimilation for High Resolution LAM
Ski areas
Fire fighting

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Scientific research
Citizen Science

An accurate characterisation of the environment is key in many environmental studies.
Data collected on the move allows unprecedented accuracy and spatial resolution, which are of utmost importance in many fields:

Citizen Science projects
Urban Heat Islands
✔ Air pollution
Thermal comfort maps
Microclimate studies in eco-sensitive zones
Scientific expeditions
Atmospheric physics and related modeling

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Our Partners and Customers

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The MeteoTracker FAQs.

✔ Temperature
✔ Vertical Thermal Gradient
✔ Relative Humidity
✔ Pressure
✔ Altitude
✔ Dew Point
✔ Solar Radiation Intensity Indicator
✔ Humidex Index (thermal comfort)
✔ Speed

For more details and technical specifications please refer to the 'Products' page.

Simply position the MeteoTracker on the rooftop of your car. Its three powerful magnets will keep it securely attached to the body of your car, even when travelling at the maximum permissible speed.

No, MeteoTracker does not have this problem. Our multi-sensor implements a (patented) system that is able to correct the error caused by solar radiation. In fact, it is equipped with two temperature sensors that, by means of a differential approach, are able to remove that part of the reading that is caused by the heating of the product through sun exposure, the so-called “solar radiation error”.

Car thermometers are imprecise and “slow” (they are not able to measure the sharp variations in temperature that are typically encountered while we travel). They are also limited to displaying temperatures without attributing any spatial and temporal references to the measured data. MeteoTracker does much more. Its measurements are much more accurate, and it is able to capture even the sharpest variations in temperature encountered while travelling. It attributes geographical coordinates to every single data item acquired. Data can be visualised in real-time on your smartphone and is sent directly to the cloud. The data is then available, in a data archive equipped with advanced visualisation and analysis tools, on maps and with graphical representations. In this way, MeteoTracker creates an innovative database of weather data at a high level of spatial resolution.

By purchasing MeteoTracker you will have access to all of the data collected by your MeteoTracker and by the members of the Community, both on the mobile App and the web platform. Access to the data collected by the Community is unlimited through the mobile App while there may be some temporary restrictions on the web platform depending on the offering you have purchased.


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