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Discover the functionalities
of our mobile weather station

Instantaneous measurement and patented accuracy

Capture even the sharpest variations in temperature thanks to the instantaneous response of the MeteoTracker sensor. Does your car thermometer read 35°C under the sun, even when the external temperature is 25°C? MeteoTracker provides the correct temperature reading.

Real-time tracking of weather data

Record and visualise all of your data sessions in real-time. If you are offline, the data session will be saved to your smartphone, ready to be uploaded as soon as a data connection is available.

Quick and easy installation

Attach the multi-sensor to the rooftop of your car in an instant and launch a session through the MeteoTracker app with a single click.

Your data sessions are always available

The data archive of your sessions will always be available via your smartphone and our web-platform, with unlimited storage.

Indulge your passion
with a new experience

Meet MeteoTracker, the portable weather station created by meteorology enthusiasts, for meteorology enthusiasts.

Include your friends
as you explore the weather

Simply share the link and your friends can follow your meteotracking activities in real-time via the web-platform.

Track weather data
like never before

Explore our maps and discover the weather data of meteorologically unknown areas. With MeteoTracker you, too, can participate in the collection of extreme data.


Discover data already collected
by the MeteoTracker mobile network

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Do you have any questions about MeteoTracker?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I receive with my purchase?

By purchasing the MeteoTracker multi-sensor you can use the app for free, plus a premium account that provides access to your personal data archive, and the global database with public data collected by other members of the community. Visualisation on interrelated maps and graphical representations provides an in-depth analysis of the data collected.

3. What data do I have access to online?

You have access to all data collected by your MeteoTracker multi-sensor and by the members of the community.

2. What type of data does it collect?

You can find the complete list of collected data and the information regarding its accuracy on the “MeteoTracker System” page.

4. Under the sun, my car thermometer often provides temperature readings that are much higher than the actual temperature. Does MeteoTracker also have this problem?

No, MeteoTracker does not have this problem. Our multi-sensor implements a (patented) system that is able to correct the error caused by solar radiation. In fact, it is equipped with two temperature sensors that, by means of a differential approach, are able to remove that part of the reading that is caused by the heating of the product through sun exposure, the so-called “solar radiation error”.