MeteoTracker Live Sharing App is now available!

After several weeks of testing, we have just released the Live Sharing release, which adds a powerful, community-oriented feature to the MeteoTracker ecosystem: when a session is shared it can be viewed and analyzed on the MeteoTracker app as if you were performing it, substantially enhancing the user experience.

Try it now!

In details:

✔  Live view of a session (while it is being performed), both when opening it from the “Public sessions” list or when opening  a link you get from another member of the MeteoTracker community.

This means that you can visualize and analyze a remote live session as you were performing the session



Archived sessions are open on the App as well (both from clicking on the “Public sessions” tab and by opening a link to a closed session)

Enhanced “Public sessions” list

-blinking ”Live” tag on the ongoing sessions

author name displayed

At the moment, Live Sharing is available on Android only.


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